Taillight for Round
and Aero Seatpost

Integrated COB LEDs deliver super bright and soft light.


Transparent Body with Distinct
300° Lighting

Providing unmatched protective visibility.
Staying visible on any road, at anytime of the day.

Multiple Usage with the Clip and Strap

Compatible with round and aero seatpost, it can also be mounted on the helmet, the tail bag, etc.

IPX4 Waterproof

It provides all-weather reliability and it will hold
up to all riding conditions.


Micro USB Rechargeable

Be charged by adapter, laptop, power bank, etc.



Max Brightness: 15 Lumen Viewing Angle: Over 300 degree
Vehicle Found Distance:>1000m Battery: Built-in 200mAh Lithium
Maximum Working Time: 56 hours Charge: 5V/0.1A
Weight: 29g Size: 140*59.2*24.4mm (including the strap)